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Welcome To Ali Baba Taxi

With Ali baba taxis you can easily get around the city. You can find them on the street or call ahead to have them pick you up when you are ready.

About Ali Baba Taxi

Ali Baba is a taxi service based in Lewes and Brighton area allowing you to easily arrange comfortable transportation for large groups or a few people.
Call Ali Baba taxi at 07488 760 607

Google Reviews

Sandra Staples
Sandra Staples
15:03 28 Dec 19
Picked up Christmas night couldn't have better service, lovely person, would recommend him to anyone.
Tracy Kelebek
Tracy Kelebek
19:51 27 Dec 19
We use Ali regularly. He is very prompt, polite and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him to anyone. 5* service 👌🏻read more
Amber Sorrell
Amber Sorrell
18:29 20 Dec 19
My experience with Ali as my taxi driver has been very pleasant, he is always on time ready to pick you up no matter how short or long your journey may be, always very polite and goes out his way to make time to pick you up and take you to your destination, I recommend Ali 100% over any taxi driver in Lewes, very reliable, trustworthy and friendly. :)read more
Jordan Holt
Jordan Holt
20:57 12 Dec 19
Great service again. I highly recommend. He is very polite and prompt.
Andy Kissal
Andy Kissal
16:58 12 Dec 19
Very good service. I book it for Gatwick, I arrived in perfect time and he was really helpful with my lagage. Highly recommended!read more
alper öztürk
alper öztürk
22:24 02 Dec 19
i think one of best driver in lewes maybe brighton because he has many different knowledge both road and historical. 14.08.2019 best trip for me from lewes to london.Best more
Paul Foss
Paul Foss
22:59 23 Nov 19
A great service. We accidently left a bag in the car, and the driver returned in to our house really quickly. Saved a great deal of hassle. Thankyou!!read more
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson
00:59 06 Nov 19
ALI IS A STAR! This man will change your life, get in his car and forget about your earthly troubles? He will sing you a song that will make you feel whole again xread more
Keith Tomalin
Keith Tomalin
18:59 28 Sep 19
Great service.. Arrived on time..good driving. Nice fella
Limetree Kitchen
Limetree Kitchen
15:25 11 Jul 19
Amazing service. Best Taxi in Lewes. Our customers are always very happy with the services that Ali provides for them and our restaurant Limetree Kitchen. Well done!read more
David Jancok
David Jancok
15:21 11 Jul 19
If I need a lift Ali is always the first one I call. Have always good chat with him, he has good prices and when he says 10 minutes wait then I'm not waiting longer than 10 minutes. Well done Ali and thank you!read more
Levy Sekgapane
Levy Sekgapane
08:27 07 Jul 19
My brother Ali wonderful guy, and always on time whenever you need him, he never disappoints. Very reliable. Thanks for the ride to Gatwick by the way. I didn’t miss my flight this time :)read more
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Lewes Taxi | Ali Baba Taxi

Are you looking for a Lewes Taxi or Brighton Taxi? If your answer is yes, consider it your lucky day. Because you have come across just the place for it. Ali Baba Taxi service provides comfy rides around Lewes and Brighton. You can use our service for anything you like.

Whether its carpool, solo ride, group adventure, city tour or you want to book a ride for another friend. You can do it all! Have a group of travelers you want to accommodate? Book us online and we’re at your service.You can get pick and drop service for Airport and Station at your desired time. It is just a click away, and you’ll never have to worry about getting late.

You need not worry about fluctuating prices either as that never happens in Ali Baba. Our rates never surge. Prices are stated up front. We make sure our clients know what they’ll be spending ahead of time. Furthermore, in case of confusion or inconvenience, our support teams are ready to assist you 24/7.

Brighton Taxi

Ali Baba has a network of taxis all around Brighton. We’ve made sure our services are easily accessible to you, no matter where you are in Brighton. You can call our taxi on the spot. Or you can contact us and book it beforehand. Our professional and friendly staff is trained to ensure your satisfaction.

Lewes Cabs

Ali Baba Taxis are as easily available in Lewes as oxygen in the air. Our Lewes taxis are made to comfort passengers. Your peace comes first. Which is why our Lewes town taxis maintain a relaxing internal environment. We provide transportation service to and from Lewes. You can book a taxi from Lewes and head to any destination you wish. Or, you can get a taxi to Lewes from any place you want. Our Lewes taxi service is at your disposal.

Why Choose Us

No Surging, Ever

Ali Baba Taxi service rates never surge, so you can be sure that you will never have to worry what the final price of your trip will be.

Upfront Pricing

Ali Baba Taxi service clients know the price ahead of time just like a flight ticket. The price our clients see is what they pay. It’s that simple!

24/7 Support

Ali Baba Taxi Service on the phone to hear your needs and see you through your journey.
Try it out: 07488 760 607

Pre-book by Ali Baba taxi

Airport Taxis From Lewes to Gatwick, Heathrow & Stansted

Call Now: 07488 760 607
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Booking Options

A modern taxi company must meet many different needs. We understand it very well, and that’s exactly why City-Taxi offers a variety of booking options and available destinations for your convenience.

Many of our customers order taxi for other travelers. Booking online at City-Taxi website has many advantages for those who work in a reception or a travel agency or if your professional role coordinates other travelers’ transfers.

Our Services

Airport Pick Up & Drop Off

Ali Baba Taxi service offers transportation to and from airport. You can book us beforehand, or call us on the spot. We’ll be there at the exact second. We value your time, therefore, we’ll make sure you reach your destination at your desired time comfortably.

Port & Railway Transfers

Whether its Lewes station taxis or a Brighton taxi, we make sure you have access to cozy rides, to and from any port or railway station you want. After all, you might want peace after a long journey, or you might be nervous about the one you’ll embark on. Worry not, for we are here to help you make it easy. We can help you catch another train as soon as you get off one.


Taxi Parcel Delivery

We can get your parcel delivered through our Taxis in Lewes and Brighton. Feel free to contact us for our parcel delivery services. You won’t be disappointed.

Address Pickup

Ali Baba Taxi service offers to pick up parcels from anywhere in Brighton and Lewes. No need to worry if you want something to be picked and delivered at your doorstep. We are here for you. You can also call us at any address for a ride.

Special Occasions

Make your occasions extra special with Ali Baba cab service in Lewes. We will be honored to be of help on your blessed events. Contact us for any transportation services and we’ll be right there. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, conference or any gathering you want arrangements for. We’re just a tap away.

Taxi Sightseeing

Isn’t sightseeing romantic? Make it more convenient by booking Ali Baba taxi service in Lewes. You’ll love all the sights in Brighton and Lewes in our warm ride. Get an intimate experience with your friends and partner in our smooth ride.

We promise, you will have the best experience

Our prices are fixed and there are no hidden charge i.e NO parking fees - No Waiting time - No congestion charges, The price we quote is the total price you pay. We hope you will book with us and let us make sure you have a hassle free, safe and comfortable journey.

What about pricing?

Don’t worry. We provide very nice deals and the most competative price just for you!
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Ali Baba Taxi

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